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The Chiropractic adjustment is an impulse applied to a specific area of the spine in order to correct the position of a vertebra that is subluxated. There are many different techniques that can be used to make the proper corrective adjustment. Dr. Shelley has training and experience in Diversified, Thompson Drop-Table, Extremity, Upper Cervical, and Activator. Dr. Shelley has additional experience with Applied Kinesiology, and Fascial Distortion Model while constantly studying the latest advancements in order to provide the best care for her patients. Every patients needs are different and unique so each patient will receive care that is most specific for their needs.

Manual Adjustment + Manipulation

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Physical Therapy helps to reduce pain, increase mobility, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage in an affected area, as well as promotes faster healing and more effective adjustments. We offer several types of therapy in our office such as:

Heat Therapy with E-Stimulation (like TENs unit)

Manual Traction Therapy

Muscle Therapy



Physical  Therapy

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

We also utilize the benefits of Massage Therapy within our practice to reduce muscle pain, relax tendon/ligament tension, decrease pain, improve mobility, and decrease repetitive motion injury pain for syndromes like carpel tunnel, rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis, and even migraines or headaches! Our licensed, in-house massage therapist tailors the massage to your problem areas. You can get massage therapy along with Chiropractic care or separately.

Holistic Healthcare


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