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  • Chiropractic Services

    Chiropractic services overview

    Coughlin Chiropractic treats the body, mind, and spirit. We believe in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy involving physical adjustments, education, nutritional support, and wellness planning. Coughlin Chiropractic has freed many citizens of Indianapolis from pain and debilitating medication. Our balance of holistic treatment and sound medical knowledge ensure that you are in good hands.

    Chiropractic Adjustments
    The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct the spinal subluxations detected during the examination. The "art" of adjusting requires skill and training rather than brute strength. Because most adjusting techniques emphasize using minimal force and gentle pressure, few patients feel any discomfort during the adjustment.
    Electrical Stimulation - TENS
    TENS is intended to be used to relieve pain. The TENS unit sends comfortable impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve (or nerves) in the treatment area. In many cases, this stimulation will greatly reduce or eliminate the pain sensation the patient feels.

    Soft Tissue Therapy - Massage
    Massage has a number of beneficial effects on the body and the mind. Some of these include removal of toxins that can build up in the muscles of the body, increased circulation, and increased flexibility in not only the muscles, but also the connective tissue within the body.
    Kinesio Taping gives support and stability to your joints and muscles without restricting circulation or range of motion. Rather, it is effective in assisting motion, helping improve circulation, and providing protection from injury or re-injury as the body returns to normal function.
    Active Release Techniques
    Active Release Techniques are a combination of examination and treatment. Dr. Shelley Coughlin uses her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements.
    Holistic Chiropractic Care
    Coughlin Chiropractic's approach to healing the body, utilizes spinal adjustments, diet, massage therapy, exercise, nutrition, and other important lifestyle changes.