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    Young Living
    Essential Oils and Supplements

    Essential oils, known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.

    The distinctive components in essential oils defend plants against insects, environmental conditions, and disease. They are also vital for a plant to grow, live, evolve, and adapt to its surroundings.

    Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plant sources via steam distillation, and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs.

    While essential oils often have a pleasant aroma, their chemical makeup is complex and their benefits vast—which makes them much more than something that simply smells good.

    Today, essential oils are used for aromatherapy, massage therapy, emotional health, personal care, nutritional supplements, household solutions, and much more.

    Young Living
    NingXia Red Energy Drink

    NingXia Red® is a naturally delicious, nutrient-infused wolfberry drink that will energize, fortify, and replenish your body.

    Rich in wide-spectrum antioxidant activity, NingXia Red has the highest levels of naturally occurring, age-defying S-ORAC activity to help support immune function, cardiovascular health, and nourish the eyes.

    NingXia Red also contains lemon and orange essential oils rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene to promote healthy liver function.

    Whole Ningxia wolfberries and other nutrient-dense fruit juices, like blueberry and pomegranate, make NingXia Red the perfect choice for optimizing wellness and stepping up to a whole new level of health.

    Chiroflow Professional Pillow

    A cushion of hypoallergenic polyester fiber rests over the water layer for luxurious comfort. Thermal insulator surrounds the water layer to prevent heat loss. An easy-to-fill pouch provides gentle, responsive support all night long. Clinically shown to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep.* 

    • 20" x 28"
    • * Fits standard and queen size pillow cases
    • * Clinically shown to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep*
    • * Secure waterbase responds to head movement as you sleep to maintain cervical support
    • * Easily adjusts to patients'' preference of soft, medium, or firm.
    • * Fits any patient
    • * Now filled with exclusive Dacron StaLoft Hollfil fiber for superior comfort and support. * Only Chiroflow pillows feature Dacron StaLoft fiberfill
    • * New upgraded easy-care 300 thread count cover for longer lasting performance
    • * Thermal insulator encases waterbase to prevent body heat loss
    • * Uses ordinary tap water; does not require chemical additives
    • * Easy to follow instructions included