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  • Active Release Technique

    What is Active Release Technique

    Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

    Injured muscles, ligament, fascia, tendons and nerves all respond extremely well with ART treatment. 

    This technique may resolve many soft tissue injuries causing headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, shin splints, shoulder pain, tendinitis, joint problems, and whiplash injuries.

    Many other problems attributed to muscle overuse that causes scar tissue buildup restricting movement, trapping nerves, and leading to pain can be resolved over time with Active Release.

    What separates ART treatment from conventional massage or muscle work, is the precise directed tension and the very specific movement to ensure the smooth movement of tissue.

    Treatments are continued at sequential time intervals until the symptoms produced by the lesions are alleviated.

    With ART, the whole structure can be treated instead of a particular section.

    It is the active motion of the muscle that allows the practitioner to break up the adhesions.

    An adhesion is fibrous tissue that develops from a small tear in the muscle, tendon or ligament.

    An adhesion can develop 3 ways:

    • Acute injury (trauma)
    • Overuse (repetitive motion injury)
    • Constant pressure/tension for an extended periods (poor posture)

    The adhesion limits blood flow to the structure, shortens the muscle and decreases the function of the structure. This can cause pain, weakness and sometimes numbness if the adhesion is putting pressure on a nerve.

    The soft tissue changes that occur following an injury are:

    • Inflammation (occurs in the first 24-72 hours)
    • Stringy muscles lesions (2 days-2 weeks)
    • Lumpy tissue, palpable adhesions (2 weeks-3months)
    • Leathery tissue, changes slowly and is more chronic (3 months and beyond)

    Each treatment only takes a few passes over the structure, and accomplishes greater results in a shorter amount of time than other soft tissue therapies.

    ART is extremely effective when it comes to treating soft tissue conditions whether it be athletic injuries such as shin splints, tight calf muscles and IT Band problems or work-induced pain like carpal tunnel or shoulder and neck tension .

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    • «No longer in back pain!

      After a motor vehicle accident and a lot of physical therapy (recommended by family doctor), I was not getting any relief from my pain. Upon a neighbor’s recommendation I called Coughlin Chiropractic and the results have been great! »

      Michelle S. 
    • «I am a 74 year old man and have had numerous back and shoulder surgeries.  I just thought my stiffness was due to getting older.

      My daughter talked me into seeing a chiropractor, and after much hesitation I researched a few and liked the answers to my questions that Dr. Coughlin and her staff provided to me.

      After a few adjustments I am moving at a much faster pace and my breathing as also improved.

      The staff and doctor are friendly and know each patient by name.

      I would recommend Coughlin Chiropractic to all my friends.»
      Rodger F.

    • «I was in pain from my back to my knees.

      After visiting Coughlin Chiropractic and being adjusted twice, I am able to walk straight!  I feel 10 years younger.

      Thanks Dr. Shelley and staff. »

      Theresa G. 
    • «Being 8 months pregnant, my back hurt all the time.

      It was impossible to find a comfortable position after sitting or standing too long.  After 1 adjustment by Dr. Coughlin, I noticed a difference immediately. 

      I would recommend Dr. Coughlin to any pregnant woman! »

      Nina S.